A thrilling adventure about saving the whales, the oceans and a passionate love story against all odds.

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And it’s a wonderful gift for those who love whales and the oceans.

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And 50% of our royalties…

go straight as a donation to Greenpeace or the non-profit Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which is struggling hard to save the whales and the oceans. The courageous crews on the Sea Shepherd vessels are risking their lives combating whaling, illegal fishing and seal hunting. Let us help them!

And if you ask: “Who are those guys?” and “will I like their book?”

Daniel Thomas is our pseudonym. We (Daniel Maximilian and Thomas Pauli) are screenwriters. Over 70 of our screenplays have been aired on television in Germany and many other countries across the world. So we know a bit about how to tell a story – and put all our expertise in writing an eco-thriller that will keep you in suspense on the edge of your seat from the beginning to end.

Whales, Wale, Wal

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We asked Amazon to make it possible that you can read the first 100 pages for free! Just to make sure, that you know what you get.

We are trying to support the organizations working so hard to preserve a livable future for our children. If you have any suggestions how we could contribute more to this endeavor, please mail us.

Right now (so we can donate even more) we are creating some beautiful, soothing “whale-meditations”, which will be available soon. If you like to hear the first minute of some tracks, click below on “Whalespirit Meditation Music” or “Whalespirit 2-3”. Have a great day.

Some reviews

Heide Conyers:

“This docudrama kept me intrigued from the beginning to the end. I loved the fact, that it is not just a wonderful and touching love story, but shows also how much the authors care about whales and how we can do something to preserve these awesome mammals from being destroyed by materialist agendas of greed and power. The main characters of the story do their utmost bringing even their own life in danger to help the whales! What a passion to help! I wish a lot of people, young and old, will read this novel and maybe they will get active in ways they never thought of before reading the book. I thank the authors for their in-depth research on the subject and turn it into a most eye-opening, warm hearted, and thrilling novel!”

Dr. Lothar Woeller:

“The authors succeeded to portray the whaling issue and the protection of endangered species in their exciting novel. It would be desirable if other greedy fund managers followed the example of the protagonist McGregor. The book is extremely thrilling and entertaining to the last page”.

Dr. Manfred Link:

“An entertaining novel for whale fans, which engages heart and mind, leaving an unforgettable impression.” 

Mihael Serban:

“I never knew this is actually a “thriller” about saving the whales.Great suspense, lots of action, but also very emotional. And I find it admirable that the authors are donating half of proceedings to a good cause.”

“Great literature reviews”:

“An exciting story about a passionate whale conservationist, sneaky intrigues and also of a great love. Right from the beginning “WhaleSpirit” grips your attention. Dramatic scenes on the sea are not just there for suspense. Have your Kleenex ready! The slaughter of whales is almost unbearable to read about. The book conveys the love for the giant mammals. Blue whales, fin whales, killer whales, one immediately develops affection for them, understands the magic and makes one sympathize and side with the whale protectors.” 

“Great literature reviews”:

“To present “WhaleSpirit” so close up, an intensive research was needed. This book is for sure a great inspiration for engaging oneself in how to protect the whales. It will deeply resonate in your heart and remain unforgettable. Written for all those interested in animal welfare, this book has done a most admirable job.”

“Great literature reviews”:

“Who has not yet been impressed by nature and wildlife will be it now for sure!. One would even like to share David and Leah’s experiences with the whales. The story is so up to date, extraordinarily relevant in these times and full of many touching passages. The anonymous driftnet makes it clear how big the damage is we humans are causing daily to the oceans. Those readers who only appreciate the novel for a rousing love romance might have missed the depth and magic of this story. Definitely a great read!”

Daniel Thomas