Saving the last mini dolphins



Sea Shepherd is trying to save the last remaining vaquita porpoises

When gillnets (upright mesh panels) are used by fisheries to catch a certain fish, many other species are hopelessly getting entangled and cannot escape. 

This is what “bycatch” means

The vaquita is a frequent bycatch ending up in the gillnets of fisheries. This nearly extinct porpoise has more or less the same size as the totoaba – a marine fish, also an endangered species, due to illegal fishery.

In order to save the vaquita from total extinction (there are only a few specimens left), Sea Shepherd has started a rescue mission in the Sea of Cortez. The volunteers from this admirable organization are now patrolling the Sea to hinder illegal fishing and remove their abandoned gillnets from that area. For more details click here.

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And this is our new project:

Artists for whales, whales, artists

To all artists: Please join us!

Japan plans to resume commercial whaling this summer. Let’s show them that we won’t tolerate these massacres any longer. 

Whales are the guardians of the oceans, help us protect them. For further information or if you want to support the project, don’t hesitate to contact us – click here. 

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