Whales are saving the climate



Whales are altering the climate for the better

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Some rogue nations which are still hunting and slaughtering whales, maintain that these magnificent creatures are destroying the oceans population of fish and krill, thus massively diminishing our source of nourishment. This assumption has been proven to be utterly wrong. It now turns out that whales not only eat these animals they also keep them alive. In fact they helped to sustain the entire living system of the ocean.

Also whales help extracting millions and millions of tons of carbon from the air

…and out of circulation. Whales help of survive. They are nature’s geo-engineers undoing the damage our civilization inflicted to the living system of the oceans and the earth’s atmosphere. And how do they accomplish this, you may ask?

Well… Click on the video below and watch this fantastic and inspiring film produced by Chris & Dawn Agnos for SUSTAINABLE HUMAN.

To support our campaign

have a look into the first 100 pages of our novel “Walespirit” – a story about saving the whales, saving the ocean and a passionate love story against all odds –just click here (or go to Amazon, type Whalespirit and click on the cover “WhaleSpirit” by Daniel Thomas).  

We asked Amazon to make it possible, that you can read the first 100 pages for free

If you enjoyed what you have read, buy the novel. For every book sold, 50% of our royalties is going straight as a donation to the non-profit Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

Whalespirit - a story about whales & the oceans, wale

Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite by Christian Sia  – 5 Stars!!!

WhaleSpirit by Daniel Thomas is a spellbinding tale of adventure with a setting that is fascinating, plunging readers into life below the surface of the sea. A reporter who once took down one of the most influential men on Wall Street sets out for another bite of the man she humiliated when she hides her real identity and gets onto his whale research vessel. She quickly discovers that his life work has great meaning and that this research aligns with her values. This is a beautiful story that explores environmental themes and life beneath the waters; it’s a tale of love and betrayal, a story that creates the intersection between human life and the connection it has with other forms of life.

Daniel Thomas writes with grace and at times I felt his words reaching my soul like deep waves of the ocean. The reader joins in an adventure with characters who know where they are going. While this is a work of fiction, it is infused with realism and features themes that are not just relevant but urgent, considering the numerous threats related to climate change. The characters are real, deeply human, and confronted with real-life challenges. The writing is composed to make for a great reading experience with sumptuous descriptive passages filled with powerful imagery. The author shows great knowledge of ecology and his voice comes across as something that resonates with the life forms beneath the sea. WhaleSpirit is ingeniously plotted, a work of great imagination. There is no doubt that this novel is enriched by good research because the author writes with unusual ease and clarity.

And this is our new project:

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To all artists: Please join us!

Japan plans to resume commercial whaling this summer. Let’s show them that we won’t tolerate these massacres any longer. 

Whales are the Buddhas of the oceans, help us protect them. For further information or if you want to support the project, don’t hesitate to contact us – click here. 

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